Ever since I could hold a crayon... I liked to eat them. Luckily, I have outgrown that phase of eating  my drawing utensils. My work today is digital, so eating my computer would NOT be very practical.
Children's books were a huge part of my childhood which is why I love them so much. I grew up surrounded by stories of Pamela the Camel (Bill Peet), Persnickety (Stephen Cosgrove), and a seagull who had shoes and kept getting them wet. While the writing was incredible, I was always more fascinated by the illustrations. Even today, after the words have completely faded from memory, these stories are kept alive in my mind because of the illustrations. I can picture Pamela stopping a train, Persnickety cutting rose thorns, and a seagull with a soggy red pompom shoes. These lasting impressions are what inspired me to want to write and illustrate stories as well.
Today I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband, daughter, and our cat. When I'm not drawing or designing, I spend my time riding bikes and trying to soak up as much summer and sunshine as Wisconsin has to offer.