Ever since I could hold a crayon... I liked to eat them. Luckily, I have outgrown that phase of eating  my drawing utensils. My art medium of choice today is digital, so eating my computer would NOT be very practical.
I am an illustrator, designer and a maker at heart with a passion for creating tangible, structural designs. I love seeing how art transforms when it is applied in dimension, whether it is through the page turns of a book, the reveals of popup, or the movement of fabric. I have created illustrations for children's books, magazines, cards, fabric, packaging and more.
Picture books were a huge part of my childhood which is where my love for illustration began. I fell in love with stories as I followed the characters and the world they lived in through every page turn. While the writing was incredible, these stories are still kept alive in my mind because of the memories of the illustrations. 
Once I was old enough to be trusted with scissors and glue, my love for dimensional art took off. I created characters, cut them out, bedazzle them and created worlds and stories with my very unique set of paper toys. These tangible stories brough so much joy to me as a child, that I hope to create the same joy and magic for future generations through my illustrative creations.